All You Want To Know About Lucite Table
Thursday January 18th 2018

Two Beautiful Lucite Table For Interior Decor

Does Lucite table play an important role for making your room look better? The answer is absolutely “YES”! Interior designer starts to recognize the advantages of Lucite table when they received appraises from their customers. The table usually not big, except Lucite dining table. Somehow the table like Lucite end table is only taking a corner of your room. Nonetheless the table will not give any pressure to your room as hard to retrieve their existence. This come to the explanation of the table is appeared transparent and stay stunning for modern interior décor especially.

If you still confuse of what Lucite table is all about, then you should understand more about the varieties of Lucite table. I’ve mentioned these tables at my previous post and again I would like to present to you the two tables which I think is the best for interior décor. The explanation is getting along to the picture, trust me, they suits for any room.

Lucite Study Table

The table is come with sit chest height which preparing a great stage for you to study. You can call this table as room desk table whereby the table is substitutable with other room table like end table or console table. Looking at this picture, the Lucite table is paired with a nice black white leather upholstered chair. The chair is crafted with steel frame and come with extra chair pad. Moreover the room is consisting of nice wall deco with colorful steel plates as well as nice wall art picture. Three seated sofa is used and the sofa is in country style, upholstered by white leather. Thus the sofa set is attaches with white leather ottomans too. The entire environment stays fresh, calm and bright. Principally the brightness of the room is brought by the Lucite table. As far as concern the transparency effect of the table is making them unseen and the room will not feel packed and crowded.

Lucite Coffee Table

This unique orange color of cube shape Lucite coffee table is absolutely the special piece for home. Offices might also use them as the table is beautifully shading the color of the room. As shown in the picture, the table is matches with one large piece of brown cream plaid striped of area rug, right down after the table. Hence the table is also paired with nice white leather ottoman and small white chest of drawer. Meanwhile the table is becoming the centerpiece whereby everyone will look at it when enter the room. They are the eye-catching piece perhaps. However, although the table is in orange color, they don’t block the view and lighting effect of the room. Your room will still look wide and comfort. This is the advantages of getting Lucite tables to your room, many people will only realize when they get this piece as their new room addition, next is your turn!

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