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Thursday January 18th 2018

Mahogany Dining Table Set

Mahogany is a brown reddish wood which is used for constructing furniture, especially antique furniture collection. The wood is sturdy, sustainable and resistant to weather changes. As such, they are the selected timber for constructing antique furniture pieces like mahogany sideboard, chair and dining table. The elegant and formal image of mahogany furniture is enabling them to suit for elegant room setting.

Mahogany dining table is one of the most popular dining tables in the market. The table normally come along with its chairs, contained 6 to 8 as standard dining set. This kind of dining table is usually developed with sturdy table leg as well as its table tops. Nonetheless the table is normally bigger than other material type of dining table and it needs bigger dining spaces for fitting them.

Mahogany dining tables are presented in different shapes. Round mahogany dining room table and oval mahogany dining table is considered as the new shape design of these tables. Most of the time, these tables are come in typical shape of rectangular which is fitted to antique room déco as well as arrangement. Therefore these dining sets generally is paired with antique dining room fittings like antique mahogany dressers, antique style of lucite table, antique vases as well as luxury curtains like burgundy curtains and satin dining room curtains. Likewise, not only home, but other places like restaurants also using them. In order to deepen your understanding about mahogany dining table, here come two cool selections from

Round Dining Table Mahogany Finish
This mahogany dining room table is sold at the price of $389.31. They are developed for dining and kitchen use. The piece is finished entirely under mahogany wood, is a type of solid mahogany dining table. There chairs are attached separately with the dining tables. They are measured with the dimension of 54″ Diameter x 30″H. Some assembly is required for this table.

5pc Counter Height Dining Table & Stools Set Dark Mahogany Finish
This dining set is come with 5 pieces and they are finished in dark mahogany. The table looks elegant for any room setting, for formal and casual both. They are suits for home dining use. The package is includes of one counter height dining table and four stools. The table height is 40″ Diameter x 36″H whereas the stool height is 24” each. Simple assembly is required for these mahogany dining tables sets.

Antique mahogany dining table is appreciated by antique collection galleries as these pieces are believed in sturdiness and longevity. Indeed these features are enabling them to stay for centuries. As far as we know, most of the antique furniture series is constructed of mahogany wood. Therefore, no matter for dining use or for keeping purposes, investing for getting a mahogany dining room table set is always a wise choice.

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