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Thursday January 18th 2018

A Dresser with Unique and Extraordinary Color : An Espresso Dresser

Enhance your room design with espresso dresser. Dresser is considered to be a low chest of drawers often supporting a mirror and typically used for holding clothes and personal items. However it has several types. A lowboy is one of the dresser types; it is a small table with one or two drawers. It is commonly used as dressing table but it also can be used as side table. Another is tallboy or highboy chest of drawers; it is a contrast of lowboy. Both were favorite pieces of furniture of England and United States of America in 18th century.  While the Welsh or china hutch dresser is a type of dresser consisting of drawers and cupboard in lower part. It is also known as a pewter cupboard.

Dressers are made of different types of good and durable wood that comes in a fine quality tree such as walnut, mahogany and oak. They also come in various colors. One of the most unique and intriguing color is espresso. Most of us when we hear a word espresso, the first thing that pops out in our mind is coffee. Yes, actually it’s a concentrated coffee beverage brewed by forcing hot water under pressure through finely ground coffee. But we are not talking about coffee here; we are talking about the dresser’s color: espresso. Espresso color is described as a rich dark brown; others denote it as a mahogany color. Typically espresso doesn’t have a cream so it’s dark.

Espresso dressers are versatile and stylish. They often come in shiny appearance that often gets an attention. They can be placed wherever part of the house you wish. A drawer dresser espresso can be a great accent in your bedroom aside for its main function as storage of your clothes. When you have a baby, espresso baby dresser is really perfect on your nursery room that can store delicate baby clothes and diapers. An espresso dresser is also a great piece of furniture that could be a wonderful complements on the other type of furniture you have. It can also be placed in your living room, to be used as a side table. A beautifully designed espresso finish dresser for your VHS, DVDs, CD.s and VCDs can match with any room style.

An espresso dresser comes in various designs. Most of them have exquisite carvings especially on their front and side part. Some are have crystal doors that great for displaying various beautiful crafts. Others are adorned with luxurious mirrors in front, top or side part of the dresser. Also, some comes with different sizes of shelves and drawers that suited for storage of different sizes of stuffs. With its dark and rich color, espresso dresser will truly match in any room themes and colors.

Beautifully crafted espresso dresser with various designs, sizes and styles is available in all furniture shops and via online.

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